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Saturday, 19 January 2013


the voice of the elder was calm and low, like he would be concentrating his energy in each syllable he was pronouncing.
keeping his eyes closed he spoke:
"...son of the morning star, you have been chosen to become the new leader of the Sarmath, the oldest tribe of elf dwelling in this desert, take from your tribe the sigh of command"
with these words the old man gave Falezir the dagger of his father, Malakiah, The Morning Star.
"your father would be proud of you..."
Falezir looked in the eyes of the elder, holding the dagger in his left hand
'I will deserve this father' he thought, and his thought flew away above the sand.

Made in Painter
10 hours
never mind the story coming along, I love to match a tale to my drawing or a drawing to my tales

Falezir is a Desert Elf, yes, he lives in the Sahara Desert

Falezir and the Saharian Dinasty © 2013